Car Diagnostics

Diagnostics – Why do we need it? Since 2001 cars have been made with a computer at the centre of it. This is know as On Board Diagnostics or OBD for short. Pre-OBD there were only a few things to be adjust to make your car run well. Now with emissions high up on every ones agenda we have multiple sensors and actuator to make the car run well.

When The Warning Lights Comes On!

When one of the many warning lights come on, what should you do? What do they all mean? and more importantly how much is this all going to cost me? The first two questions are easy to answer. How much is it going to cost is a little difficult. Unfortunately as a technician we cant tell you what is wrong with your car until we have plugged it into a diagnostic scanner and even then we cant be certain. This is where diagnostics comes. Like any good doctor we need to look at the symptoms, perform tests, analyse data. With all this information we can see what the root problem with car is.

Missing out the diagnostic process.

Diagnostics takes time and sometimes longer than the repair. So what would happen if we miss out the diagnostic process. Well, we’ll will get results really quick, not sure if they will be good or bad results. If fitting a new parts has fixed your car then everybody is happy.

But, what happens after fitting a new part hasn’t fixed the problem. Whose fault is it? Its not to bad if the parts are very cheap but what happens if the parts cost over a £100 or even £200. I know one thing for certain the customer is not going to be happy.

One way we are trying to keep prices low is to offer fixed priced diagnostics.

Diagnostic scan


Using the latest equipment
let us help you fix
your car troubles

  • Latest scan tool updates
  • Specialist tools to diagnose your car
  • Technicians with years of training
  • Dealer specific knowlegde
  • Great experienced advice
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Vauxhall Owners..


Fixed price diagnostics.

That’s right, for Vauxhall owners we are offering a fixed price diagnostics for a special price of £79.95. We can offer this because our latest tools and training allow us to be Vauxhall specialists. So it doesn’t matter if it takes us 1 hour or the whole day, the cost to find your problem is only £79.95

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Full Diagnostics from


Using the latest training
let us help you fix
your car troubles

Car diagnostics has turned into a technicians nightmare but here at A&K MOT Centre we take a practical diagnostic route which helps us diagnose your cars troubles. With the latest equipment and training we offer an excellent diagnostic service. To find out more about diagnostics please look at our blog.

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